The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation often before the Delaware Court of Chancery and on appeal to the Delaware Supreme Court. The Firm’s practice includes, and Mr. Williford has experience in litigation regarding, the following kinds of actions and issues, among others: class and derivative actions asserting breach of fiduciary duty by officers, directors, and controlling stockholders; advancement and indemnification of directors and officers; corporate voting disputes; access to books and records of Delaware corporations and alternative entities such as Delaware limited partnerships and limited liability companies; appraisals of stock after cash-out mergers; to dissolve business entities; for breach of merger agreements, including regarding material adverse effect; or clauses; corporate governance, including the hiring, compensation, and firing of management; the interpretation of organizational documents such as charters, bylaws, and alternative entity agreements; issues under the Delaware General Corporation Law and other Delaware statutes governing alternative entities; going private transactions; requests for preliminary injunctions, and the timing of stock option grants


The pirm’s practice includes the representation of special committees of directors in connection with the investigation or conduct of corporate governance issues or litigation, as well as serving as experts regarding Delaware corporate law. 






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